An industrial strength suction cup mount
for flat screen TVs


Attaches and detaches in
under a minute


Capable of holding
up to 150 pounds


Works with virtually
all flat screen TVs

Suction Power

A built-in pump on each suction cup allows a vacuum to be easily drawn inside the cup.

After pumping out the air, each of the four suction cups can hold up to 40 pounds on their own.

On a smooth, clean surface, the four suction cups make for a formidable television support.

Flexible Hardware

The two included metal studs come with mounting hardware that will attach to all standard 32"-65" flat screen televisions.

Simply use a screwdriver to attach them to the back of the TV, and it is ready to mount.

Lock In Place

Spring-loaded metal teeth on the studs will lock the TV in place on the rail with an audible click.

Lift the TV and rest the studs on the top of the rail first, then tilt the TV to engage the locking teeth.

This secure mechanism can be released by pulling the provided tabs, for an easy dismount.

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